Midnight Mass Is It Worth Watching?

Midnight Mass is it worth watching?

Midnight Mass is a limited series on Netflix. Many would definitely ask if it is worth watching? Truth be told, the answer to this question is more complicated than just a simple yes or no. Although a quick search on Rotten Tomatoes (RT) reveals that critics are really appreciating this limited series. But trust me, … Read more

Brand New Cherry Flavor: Is It Worth Watching?

Brand New Cherry Flavor Is It Worth Watching

Brand New Cherry Flavor is brand new and it certainly gives a strong punch of all sorts of flavors. It is a limited series by Netflix based on a horror novel by Todd Grimson. This is a series that is scary, fun, violent and a bit gross at the same time. One thing that clearly … Read more

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

the falcon and the winter soldier

Banking on the massive success of its recently concluded phase of the MCU, Marvel kick-started its next phase on Disney’s new digital streaming service Disney Plus. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is the second mini-series in this latest phase of the MCU. So far Marvel fans have received it quite well, to say the … Read more