The Pale Blue Eye Is It Worth Watching?

The Pale Blue Eye is a Netflix movie based on a historical work of fiction by Louis Bayard. Starring Christian Bale, The Pale Blue Eye is a crime investigation story that promises so much but fails to capitalize on some brilliant performance by Harry Melling. This crime drama feels really long as the screenplay flounders to engage in the middle part of the movie.

Leans Too Much on the Source Material

Quite understandably it is not as simple to adapt the success of a novel into a movie. But as it seems the literal adaptation of a book is not going to help either.

Considering the expectations of movie fans, the source material needs to be retold in a way that somehow engages the audience while staying true to its original content.

The problem with The Play Blue Eye is that in an attempt to do justice to its source material, it clearly compromises on some of the basic filmmaking aspects especially when it comes to crime drama.

While doing some commendable work in crafting the dialogue, the movie fails to keep the audience curious and intrigued. Even a very unexpected twist at the very end seems too late to save the story.

The only highlight of this movie is the brilliant acting by Harry Melling who plays the character of Edgar Allan Poe. Other than that the movie fails to make any real impact. In fact, it feels lacking most of the time.

Still shot from the movie, The Pale Blue Eye. Augustus Landor with Edgar Allan Poe.
Still shot from the movie, The Pale Blue Eye. Augustus Landor with Edgar Allan Poe.

Is The Pale Blue Eye Worth Watching?

If you’re a huge fan of English literature maybe you’ll love seeing Harry Melling play Edgar Allan Poe. But if you’re someone who loves the crime investigation genre then unfortunately you are sure to be left disappointed. I believe reading the book would be a much better option.

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