Army of Thieves Is It Worth Watching?

Army of Thieves is it worth watching

After watching Army of the Dead, is Army of Thieves worth watching? Well, it all comes to your personal preferences whether you like prequels or not. But I must say that Army of Thieves is a really entertaining movie. The lead actor Matthias Schweighöfer, who is also the director of the movie, has done a … Read more

Justice League Snyder’s Cut

Justice League Snyder's Cut

The story of the making of Justice League Snyder’s Cut is heartening. I wonder if someday someone will think about making a movie on how the whole movement for the Synder Cut started. It would be great to see how fans forced a giant movie studio to consider their plea. I think it’s fair to … Read more

Army of The Dead Is It Worth Watching?

Army of the Dead is it worth watching?

Army of The Dead is definitely worth watching. You can’t get a zombie movie better than this. This is a kind of movie where you don’t care how the story pans out because you know the ride is going to be entertaining anyway. Snyder Magic With Zack Snyder directing the movie, everybody kind of knew … Read more