All of Us Are Dead Is It Worth Watching?

All of Us Are Dead is it worth watching?

This one is very easy to answer. All of Us Are Dead is not worth watching, and there are plenty of reasons to skip it. Another zombie series with heaps of fillers, this Netflix Korean drama disappoints big time. The series on a whole looks badly planned with visible technical flaws throughout the series.  In … Read more

Hellbound Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Hellbound Season 1 is it worth watching?

Hellbound is a dark satire. A social commentary on cults and the religious interpretation of the supernatural. A must-watch drama, Hellbound is something uniquely different. It is worth watching just for the brilliant portrayal of social construction surrounding an unexplained supernatural phenomena. Hellbound Season 1 is just six episodes long. Yet the drama focused around … Read more

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Kingdom Ashin of the North Special Episode

Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a special episode of the popular zombie series Kingdom. This is an origin story that also acts as a backstory to a new character in the series. Living up to the reputation of the Kingdom series, this special episode delivers an amazing blend of a vengeance story with the … Read more