The Northman Is It Worth Watching

The Northman is it worth watching?

The Northman is beyond doubt the most historically accurate Viking movie of all time. Directed by Robert Eggers, The Northman is a modern classic. It is a must-watch movie, definitely worth watching. Nothing like what fans expected, this movie is a classic revenge epic that delivers a very satisfying experience. This movie takes you back … Read more

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 is it worth watching?

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 is both intense and exciting. Definitely, worth watching, Vikings Valhalla continues the legacy of the original Vikings series with renewed intensity and ferocity. Unlike its predecessor, this next-generation epic is fast-paced like no other historical drama. The characters are strong and somehow remind us of the original Vikings cast. This Viking … Read more

The King’s Man Is It Worth Watching?

The King's Man is it worth watching?

The King’s Man is entertaining for sure but not worth praising. Unlike the previous movies in the franchise, it is very hard to tell if it is worth watching or not. Being a prequel and an origin story to this popular spy movie series, The King’s Man feels a bit toned down in terms of … Read more