Three Thousand Years of Longing Worth Watching?

Three Thousands Years of Longing is it worth watching?

Three Thousand Years of Longing is a visually stunning movie. It is a movie worth watching. It is a fantasy drama that fixates on the art of storytelling. And in doing so it frames its own story in a very subtle yet effective way. The narration of Idris Alba along with his powerful main character … Read more

Nope Is It Worth Watching?

Nope is it worth watching?

Nope by Jordon Peele is another masterpiece. A true modern classic this movie is definitely worth watching. Some might find it a bit slow or dull but I think presenting it in this particular style is totally spot on. The story itself is very unique and strikingly thought-provoking. And this slow-burn approach to the movie … Read more

Prey Is It Worth Watching?

Prey is it worth watching?

Prey is it worth watching? I am sure you are wondering if this new movie in the Predator franchise is worth spending your precious weekend time or not. Let me help you with the decision. Prey is a Sci-Fi action-adventure movie, a Hulu original. Although it skips all the character development part, it still manages … Read more