Ghostbusters Afterlife Is It Worth Watching?

Ghostbusters Afterlife is it worth watching?

Ghostbusters Afterlife movie is fun and entertaining. It is worth watching just for the picturesque countryside shots. Sequel to the original Ghostbusters movie, this one looks fairly good with some decent visuals. Despite a clear nostalgic outlook of the storyline, the movie somehow feels content on its own. Trying to build on the Ghostbusters legacy, … Read more

The Tomorrow War Is It Worth Watching?

The Tomorrow War Is It Worth Watching

The Tomorrow War is a rare sci-fi action that delivers what sci-fi fans want. It is definitely no way near the quality of Edge of Tomorrow. But having said that, The Tomorrow War is certainly worth watching. Contrary to what critics are saying, this movie excels at many things. First of all, the scale of … Read more