Nope Is It Worth Watching?

Nope is it worth watching?

Nope by Jordon Peele is another masterpiece. A true modern classic this movie is definitely worth watching. Some might find it a bit slow or dull but I think presenting it in this particular style is totally spot on. The story itself is very unique and strikingly thought-provoking. And this slow-burn approach to the movie … Read more

The Harder They Fall Is It Worth Watching?

The Harder They Fall is it worth watching?

In case you are still wondering whether The Harder They Fall is worth watching or not? Let me assure you, it is worth every second of your time. A bold western, this movie is pure elegance and entertainment. Reminiscent of Quintin Tarantino‚Äôs work, it gives a full dose of unfiltered action. Everything about this movie … Read more