Everything Everywhere All At Once Worth Watching?

Everything Everywhere All At Once is it worth watching?

With huge critical acclaim Everything Everywhere All At Once is another remarkable movie by A24. Featuring a very thought-provoking science-fiction premise, Everything Everywhere All At Once is definitely worth watching. This movie presents the concept of the multiverse in a very different and convoluted way. What makes this movie stand out is that it is … Read more

Morbius Is It Worth Watching?

Morbius is it worth watching?

A clear disappointment, Morbius is not what people expected. Is it worth watching? Well, it is a hard question to answer, to be honest. Harcore Marvel fans might enjoy it but if you are looking for a good movie to enjoy then Morbius doesn’t fit the bill. A much-awaited film for Marvel fans, Morbius seemed … Read more

Moon Knight Is It Worth Watching?

Moon Knight is it worth watching?

Moon Knight is a convoluted series with just a few glimpses of brilliance. Even though some might praise this complexity, but I think this time Marvel has gone too far in an attempt to present this so-called ‘masterpiece’.  Despite being a limited series Moon Knight fails to provide a straightforward superhero origin story. I don’t … Read more