Moon Knight Is It Worth Watching?

Moon Knight is it worth watching?

Moon Knight is a convoluted series with just a few glimpses of brilliance. Even though some might praise this complexity, but I think this time Marvel has gone too far in an attempt to present this so-called ‘masterpiece’.  Despite being a limited series Moon Knight fails to provide a straightforward superhero origin story. I don’t … Read more

Peacemaker Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Peacemaker Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Peacemaker Season 1 is probably the most fun superhero series you’ll ever watch in 2022. Worth watching in every sense of it, Peacemaker is in fact an all-out binge-worthy TV series too. But to binge-watch an HBO Max series you’ll definitely have to wait till all the episodes are aired in the first place.  Anyway, … Read more

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 is it worth watching?

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 is both intense and exciting. Definitely, worth watching, Vikings Valhalla continues the legacy of the original Vikings series with renewed intensity and ferocity. Unlike its predecessor, this next-generation epic is fast-paced like no other historical drama. The characters are strong and somehow remind us of the original Vikings cast. This Viking … Read more